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xfree- packages

i'm trying to get the xfree86 packages that vincent renardias
provided (i need them for my display, and i'd rather use the debianized
version than the upstream version (which i've had since it was released)),
and i'm having some problems:

(a) how do i tell apt that the Packages.gz is at
http://master.debian.org/~vincent/Packages.gz , but the packages themselves
are at http://master.debian.org/~vincent/xfree-*.deb? (the Packages
file does have xfree- prepended to the locations of the packages).

(b) when i give up on trying to have apt download things and get all the
debs manually, organize them in my home dir, and tell apt to look there, it
says the file size is wrong. dpkg chokes on a broken pipe from gzip. were
the debs mangled during upload? download (they *seemed* fine...)? by
apt/dpkg? has anyone else had this problem?

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