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Re: PROPOSAL: "Staging Areas"

Guy Maor <maor@debian.org> writes:

> Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com> writes:
> > Actually, if you think about it, 'proposed-updates' is the exact same
> > thing as a "staging area", except those packages get installed into
> > 'stable'.
> Yes, dinstall already has this capability which I developed for
> proposed-updates.  Adding new, similar, distributions just means
> adding entries to the distribution database.  I'm not sure if it's a
> good idea to create these distributions on demand though.

I'm not sure either.

I can't really see the harm in it - I mean, we trust our developers,

The alternative would be to file a bug against "ftp.debian.org"
whenever we needed a "stage-*" distribution to be created.  That would
usually involve a short delay until the request is handled manually.

I suspect that this could turn out to be quite a popular mechanism.
If we used it properly, we could almost rid "unstable" of breakage
(except for buggy packages).

I do think it is important that the ftp team control how packages get
installed into the "official" stable and unstable distributions.
However, that added measure of control probably isn't as necessary for
the "staging area" distributions.

It's up to you and the ftp team.  If you need any extra code to be
written to do it, I'd gladly volunteer.


 - Jim

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