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Re: xfree 3.3.3


As ppl here tend to send replys like this:

Ship's Log, Lt. ijr@po.cwru.edu, Stardate 040299.2032:
> Just use the bins distributed by xfree.  They work, which is more than I can
> say about the .debs in slink.

Ship's Log, Lt. Michael Shields, Stardate 050299.0143:
> You can always get the server binary from xfree86.org or its mirrors;
> or you can rpm -i the old XFCom_Matrox server from SuSE.

I'd like to share my experiences doing so.
I indeed got teh new XSVGA.tgz from XFree. But sadly I still couldn't
configure my Asus Bord with SiS5598 chip because Card or sim. Files did not
know about it. I also installed the xf86conig from Susi but that one did not
know about some of the debian stuff ...

I also don't understand why ppl here seem to persist on being not up2date.

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