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Re: Best of the logo *ideas* so far

On 24 Feb 1999, Mark W. Eichin wrote:

> Gee, and I *liked* the idea of the orca *because* of the claim that it
> fed on penguins :-)  Oh well.  (Keiko is living in Iceland now; an
> *amazing* transport-by-aircraft effort... just think about the physics...)
To discuss the role of Keiko here would be to OffTopic, but please keep in
mind that I doesn't like the "Free Willy" film very much (for instance
the film about "Namu the killer whale" about 30 years old, is quite better).
But we can gain profit from the popularity for our project from it.
By the way in my opinion we should spend Millions of $ for protecting
all marine mamals intead of a single one ... but this is the sense of
mankind to identify with a single individuum and work for it (seems to
be hardcoded in our DNA) instead of an anonyme mass of the species
orca.  In this sense we need a friendly individuum for our logo which
has its own character so people can identify with this character.  This
is the success of the friendly penguin.  People will prefer to look at a
smiling face over the look at say a piece of puzzle which hasn't any
individual character.
> I haven't heard any comments on the "saddle" idea (picture a
> [linux]-penguin riding a [gnu]-gnu, what "brings them together"?) but
> the puzzle and beehive both seem sufficiently evocative...
By the way I could really cope with the idea of a penguin riding
an orca on its saddle (you know the gray area before the dorsal fin
which is like a finger-print of each orca).  Orcas have very specific
feeding habitats, for instance some feed only from sild, some feed
only from seals, some only from salmon which depends from seasons.
So I could imagine that some orcas doesn't like penguins as well
as some people doesn't eat cattle or pig.

Kind regards


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