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Java packages

On Wed, 24 Feb 1999, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> guavac does not build from source, no doubt! Only with g++ 2.7.2.x
> and libg++272. Volunteers wanted to fix it.

I may take this.

However, I may, even more likely, package 2 or 3 alternatively DFSG free
java compilers.  At least one is in fact based on guavac, and since guavac
is orhpaned upstream, it may not seem useful.

It is my intention, over the next couple of months, to get a nicely
working debian java system.  I expect this to encompass:

Kaffe,Japhar,Classpath,Mauve,kiev,polyj,sablecc and another compiler or

Consider this a preliminary intent-to-package (although I'm happy if other
people want to take packages) for the above.

If you're interested in a working debian java solution, please subscribe
to debian-java@lists.debian.org, where I will discuss this shortly.


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