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Re: intent to package terraform - arg!

On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Robert Edmonds wrote:

> apparently terraform needs libgtk1.1.16 (which is available) and libgtkmm
> 0.11.x, which isn't. dpkg says marcus brinkman maintains this package, if
> he's reading this could he upload a new version? terraform can't be compiled
> or uploaded until an 0.11.x libgtkmm is uploaded.

I tried to compile terraform, too.  It's often worth trying to compile a
package *before* you annouce intent-to-package ;)

If you're trying to contact Marcus, I suggest you simply email him -
that's the normal approach.  I happen to know his email address in
brinkmd@debian.org, but you could always use the alias

Marcus is finding it hard to keep up with the stream of libgtkmm releases,
which all require recent libgtk releases to compile.  I hope that my
proposed debian-gtk-gnome will help coordinate around this kind of


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