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Re: is anyone using biff

On Sun, 21 Feb 1999, Edward Betts wrote:

> I noticed that biff is part of our standard installed system. My question is,
> is anyone using? and if so how do you get it going? It appears to want

yes, i do.  use procmail as your mda to get it working (for sendmail at
least -- other mta's have direct hooks to talk to comsat)

> inetd.conf edited and a line for in.comsat added.


> The last upload was a recompile from libc5 to libc6. 
> How do I get it working? should it be a standard part of a debian
> installation.

i put this in /etc/mail/sendmail.mc to get it working with sendmail:

FEATURE(local_procmail, /usr/bin/procmail)dnl
define(`LOCAL_MAILER_ARGS', `procmail -Y -d $u')dnl

i think it should be standard (since users can turn it on and off with
biff(1) ) but doesn't seem to ship in a very good state.  would be nice if
mtas were changed to expect it and then need biff installed (or


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