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package xproc vs. program xproc

I posted this to -mentors, and got zero response, so I thought I'd try


A package I adopted, gxedit, contains a binary named "xproc", which is a
gtk-based system info display tool.  Now, first of all, there's a
package named "xproc", which contains XConsole, but no "xproc" binary,
so there's a little potential for confusion.  Second of all, I was
thinking of splitting *my* xproc off into a separate package, but the
obvious name is taken.

Should I negotiate with the maintainer of the existing xproc package for
the name?  That seems fraught.  Or should I change the name of my xproc
binary?  The binary name doesn't actually conflict with anything, and
changing the name of the binary may break things if anyone is using
existing versions of my xproc.  Or should I use some other name for my
xproc package?  That would avoid conflicts and breakage, but would
surely be confusing.

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