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Re: Debian/GNU Freebsd (+binary compatablity?)

i don't know freebsd, but openbsd is better tuneable than linux 2.2 in
some ways.

example: to get more than 1024 file descriptors per process, the 2.2.1ac patch
is necessary. but with very many network connections i get ENOBUFS very often.
alan cox told me, alexey has a patch. so i will be able to get the same results,
but where bsd needs tuneing several parameters and recompile, i need to collect
patches for linux (some patches are available since a few weeks, not longer).

one OS isn't better than the other. depending on the task one kernel can
be better than the other. so it would bve very good, if we can switch
kernel and relatet programs without changeing the whole userland.

how many packages are kernel dependend ? 
guess: kernel, libc, ppp, netstd (ifconfig, route ...), isdnutils, ftape,
mdutils, lilo, loadlin, syslinux, procps/psutils, sysvinit 

(anything useing /proc, special devices, or useing io controls).


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