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XFree86 packaged.


If you feel bored this WE or happen to have one of those gfx cards
supported only in the most recents XFree86 releases, you may want to try
my packages.
They're accessible on: http://master.debian.org/~vincent/xfree-

- Based on the Debian changes from and upstream
- One new binary package produced: xserver-glint; boards supported: GLINT
	500TX with IBM RGB526 RAMDAC, GLINT MX with IBM RGB526 and IBM
	RGB640 RAMDAC, Permedia with IBM RGB526 RAMDAC and Permedia 2
	(classic, 2a, 2v).
- Takes ~1.5h to build on my Celeron 385 ;)
- These are _not_ the "official" packages. Branden should make
	them in a while.
- These packages WorkForMe(tm), but I haven't tested them too much. If you
	have problems/questions about them, please report to me directly.


- Vincent RENARDIAS  vincent@{{ldsol,pipo}.com,{debian,openhardware}.org} -
- Debian/GNU Linux:   http://www.openhardware.org    Logiciels du soleil: -
- http://www.fr.debian.org    Open Hardware:         http://www.ldsol.com -
-"Microsoft est à l'informatique ce que le grumeau est à la crépe..."     -

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