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Re: Apt get dselect-upgrade

On Sat, 20 Feb 1999, Andrew Martin Adrian Cater wrote:

> I've done something. Not sure what. If I run apt-get update followed by
> apt-get dist-upgrade all's fine.  If I run apt-get update followed by
> apt-get  dselect-upgrade, dselect wants to remove 197M of software and
> packages.
> How do I regenerate the packages list for dselect so that it will accept
> a dselect upgrade ??

Assuming you have dselect set for the apt method, run dselect and
[U]pgrade, the [Q]uit. Then run apt-get dselect-upgrade.

> This is a nasty surprise waiting to catch new users [and some old ones!]

Dselect doesn't recognize the apt-get update until you run update in
dselect (you don't have to run apt-get update separately).  You might also
want to run select in dselect to see what is marked for upgrade.


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