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Re: Debian Logo Contest

   As much as I agree with Martin's concerns about the logo contest;

> Please, please, please lets not go off and cancel our request to the
> Gimp Contest.  Going back on our deal with them would do more to ruin
> Debian's Image than a bad logo ever would.

   with this I agree even more.  Let's just work to get some good logos into
there quickly, "stacking the deck" if you will, before the contest ends.  If
all else fails lets roll out some of the candidates from the old Debian logo
contest and submit them (if that's legal, that is...).

> For example, my favorite one is gwido-1.

   <chuckle>  Yes, I kind of like it too.  But I can't get over the feeling I
have that it's too similar to MS Office's logo...  Unfortunately, Microsoft
has ruined jigsaw puzzles for me. :-)

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