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Re: Article (almost finished) introducing Debian 2.1 aka Slink

>> "a" == a  <Javier> writes:

a> lynes   bytes      packages
Small typo here.

a> hamm    37.41M   865.713M   1116
a> slink   70.6M    1144.6M    1602

a> Other similar reviews can be found at:
a> <> or

Please don't use this URL. I took the data from the URL below (forgot
who made this, sorry), suggested another format and uploaded it to
show it.

If this is useful, I can finish it this weekend (it only contains part
of the data) and upload it to a proper location (or it can be made
part of the offical pages, if this is wanted).

a> <http://homey.physics.arizona.edu/reps/>.

a> There is also work in progress to the port to other architectures like
a> PowerPC, Sparc, UltraSparc and Netwinde, as well as to HURD, GNU's

Netwinder that is.

a> Making use of its configuration (in /etc/apt/sources.list) the program
a> will retrieve packages (and packages lists) from different sources,
a> allowing both the use of WWW servers through the HTTP protocol, FTP
a> servers o local hard drives . The sintax is the same as that defined
"or" and "syntax"

a> Corporation allows the free distribution of its source code; also the
a> free ofimatic suite Siag can be installed and used, which includes a
a> word processor, a spreadsheet and other ofimatic applications.

What is ofimatic ?

a> them. For example, with RedHat 5.1 it is not possible to properly
a> compile if both are installed, making it necessary to unistall one or
a> another as needed and then install it once again.


a> In any way, even though Debian 2.1 does not make use of the kernel 2.2
a> for instalation and system bootup, this kernel is provided in source
a> code so interest users can compile and install it.


a> graphic version, with apt, and will become, in the future, the
a> substitute for dselect; its prototipe works now, but is not tested to
a> assure it works 100%.


Hope you don't mind the nitpicking on the spelling, it shows that
someone has read your posting :-)


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