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Re: Best of the logo *ideas* so far

  Well, if its time for ideas, as I mentioned before, gwido-0 on the
GIMP contest page has the best idea to me: puzzle pieces.  To me, this
is highly symbolic of the Debian Project as a whole, on several levels: the
developers, the packages, the ports.  Everything interconnects, but not
as simply as the rows and rows of perfect little hexagons in the bee
idea would make you think.  The connections in this project are
complicated interconnections, as we've seen many times on this list
:-).  And since the original artist, Jarek Sygitowicz, is a Debian
User, I am sure he would be happy to accomadate us in regard to any
changes nessesary.

  On a side note, I believe that we are using the wrong terminology for
what we want.  We don't need a logo, we need a symbol.  Thats what Tux,
the Gnu, and all the others really are anyway IMHO.  Or does the
terminology we use for it really matter?

David Jeremiah Thompson				Use Debian GNU/Linux
Oklahoma State University			Go POKES!

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