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can't make genericstable work with latest sendmail

Package: sendmail
Version: 8.9.3-1

Several couples of months ago, when I worked out a sendmail config
for my home box (using PPP and an ISP), I found a nice way of
rewriting From: addresses in outgoing mail by using the
genericstable mechanism.  I had even sent a patch to support the feature
in sendmailconfig, which for some reason was not integrated.

Now I upgraded sendmail, manually hacked sendmail.mc, refreshed
the  to get a libdb2 hash, and it does not work
any more.

I can't find any more the place where I first read about
genericstable's, but I guess some people there may have succeeded

Then I'll re-write my patch to sendmailconfig and won't upgrade till
it gets integrated :(

Yann Dirson <ydirson@sunchorus.france.sun.com>
Custom Engineering / QA
Logatique / Sun MicroSystems - Consumer & Embedded / ChorusOS

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