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Re: Free Java!

On Friday 19 February 1999, at 11 h 5, the keyboard of "J.H.M. Dassen" 
<jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl> wrote:

> Stephane, you submitted #32521; that report shows that you are aware there
> is a new maintainer (you quote the changelog). 

Yes, I was referring to the BTS which does not seem aware of the new 

Note that the important bug 32521 received no reply. I'm not criticizing the 
maintainer (I have lots of bugs to fix myself in my packages), I was just 
saying "careful!" when people when to jump into the FreeJava bandwagon without 
checking first.

> All the other bugs reported
> against kaffe (including the "important" one you're referring to) are bugs
> in the old kaffe package which may or may not be present in Ean's upload.

Apparently, no one took the time to read them, test them and close them. That's what I mean: the Debian package is highly experimental, untested, etc.

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