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Re: Debian/GNU Freebsd

On Wed, 17 Feb, 1999, Phillip R. Jaenke wrote:
> I'm no FreeBSD advocate. In truth, I believe that they could use a lot of
> help from us, as they're lagging behind. But that's not what I'm going to
> talk about. I have a rule; I won't put down any one variant unless I'm
> doing a comparison. And this isn't a comparison.
> I personally can see absolutely *no* reason NOT to do Debian/GNU FreeBSD.
> Nor do I see any reason not to do Debian/GNU Hurd. Or any other open
> source unix variant that there is. 

Disk space? or is that agurement going to be used to much in the future?

GNU does not eliminate all the world's problems, only some of them.
                                                -- The GNU Manifesto

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