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AW: AW: Debian Logo Contest

| -----Ursprungliche Nachricht-----
| Von:	Andreas Tille [SMTP:tille@physik.uni-halle.de]
| Gesendet am:	Thursday, February 18, 1999 9:43 PM
| An:	Marc Althoff
| Cc:	Debian Development List
| Betreff:	Re: AW: Debian Logo Contest
| On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Marc Althoff wrote:

| This was not my topic to discuss.  Yes I think to stick on gimp is an
| idea which makes the thing not so productive as it could be, but I'm
| in the process to tell the "joiner" I mentioned *what* he should do.
| The tool he might use or not use is a subject to discuss in another
| thread.

Sorry - maybe this has been discussed too long.

| > ...if Joey's request for an everlasting logo should be halfway 
| > Btw: The logo doesn't really need to be lasting forever, but a trendy
| > redesign should be possible without kicking it .... look at the beloved 
| > microsoft logo ... those who remember the old times.
| Does the firm you mentioned have a logo?  That's a serious question
| I really can't remember it.  Obviousely it must be a bad logo...
| May be I should go and find a W?? box to get some bad-logo-education :).

Yes, it has - it's a simple futura "ftosorcim" with a small sector cut off 
the "o". Earlier it was a IBM-like striped "o" and a slightly other font. 
My point is - the process of logo-creation should not be too much delayed 
by a) people like me who talk a lot and b) people like most logo-submitters 
who seem too think "hmm. look at this cute tool bar in gimp. script-fu's 
pretty, too. Let's mix it together". Logo must be simple and might even 
consist mostly of typo. Way to go, gimps ... maybe the gimpists should 
indeed have a look at sites like sj.com or the like ... :-)

| > Homage to all those without a stupid signature...
One had to say that.


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