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Re: Debian Logo Contest

On Thu, 18 Feb 1999 djthomp@okstate.edu wrote:

>   When people were talking about a new contest, I simply assumed that a
> new contest meant canceling the old one.  If that is not the case,
> forgive me my assumption.
I would like to see it this way.  Save the time of the people which
are intended to do things which couldn't be accepted.  I hope this
is a fair intention and I never want to embarrass someone who wants
to support the project.
>   Lets not throw the baby out with the bath water.  Find the few good
> ones and pick from among them.
The king under the blinds is the one who has one eye?
Quite a bad thing for us I think.  Let us stick to the old one until
we really find a good logo.  It's the debian common sense:  Let us
stich to the old release until we really have a new stable distribution.
And if the logo decision not is finished when slink is to be released
then stay with the old one.  Potato will hopefully come with a new
logo as well as a new default kernel.  
> > A logo should last a lifetime.  We should not change our logo every n
> > years.  This would terminate the goal of recognizability (sp?).
... in this sense ...
> My signature is meant to show the similarities between the two. As for
> removing the reference to Hitler, ignoring the past means forgetting
> what has happened in the past, and the only way to change the future is
> to learn from the past.
I think we discussed the thing some time ago...
Moreover it is Off-Topic under this thread subject.

Kind regards


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