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Re: Debian/GNU Freebsd

On Thu, Feb 18, 1999 at 08:56:59AM -0600, Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:
> >>>>> Chris Waters writes:
>  CW> Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:
>  >> I don't know if the FreeBSD people will like the idea of you
>  >> ``hijacking'' their kernel, throwing a bunch of GPLed software on
>  >> top of it, and calling it a distribution.
>  CW> If they don't want it "hijacked", they should use a license that
>  CW> forbids hijacking.  It would be preposterous for them to object
>  CW> to a GPL'd version when they don't object to proprietary
>  CW> versions.
> Actually, the situation is different.  I'm talking about developer
> mindshare.
> A proprietary version of BSD doesn't have much potential to steal
> developers from the existing *BSD projects.  A free derivation of BSD,
> on the other hand, has lots of that potential.
> BSD folks are actually *happy* when a new proprietary version gets
> attention, because it usually results in lots of profit for that
> company, and they might donate some of that profit to the free version
> they derived from.
> With a new free version, though, there's guaranteed to be almost no
> financial or technological contribution back to the upstream sources,
> because nobody wants to maintain two separate projects when their not
> getting filthy rich off of at least one of them.
> Why is Debian GNU/Hurd so different?  Because the Hurd developers both
> agreed with the idea, *liked* the idea of a Debian distribution, and
> shared a huge common heritage and philosophy (free software via GPL).
> The thought of doing their own distribution from scratch also made
> them ill.
> With *BSD it's different: they already don't like the GPL as much as
> the BSD license (this is an understatement in some cases), they have
> alternatives to everything Debian has, and I highly doubt they'll want
> to jump ship from a stable, working system to vapourware.
> dpkg is the only technological benefit in it for them, and they'd have
> to really love the idea in order to port *everything* to it.
> Otherwise, you've got YABF**, and that probably won't make any of the
> existing 3 projects too happy.

I don't understand this stuff ....

i thought you could run linux stuff under *BSD kernels, they added support for
it, maybe in a library or something such.

the kernel in a debian system, is just another package like the rest of debian,
if the *bsd kernel you want to use, and maybe some other libs that provide the
linux binary support stuff are ine a free enough license for debian, just the
few packages that will make that work, and you could have a *Bsd system with
standard debian on top of it ?

anyway, i don't understand this stuff, so feel free to correct me ...

BTW, i tried to run dupoad on my solaris box, and had poor luck with that, as
well as with compiling dpkg.

what about a DEBIAN/solaris, who would be parrallel to the solaris system, to
install all GNU stuff we know and love without touching the solaris system ? i
think i heard something like that mentioned before ...



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