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Re: web based configuration

On Thu, Feb 18, 1999 at 12:10:53AM +0000, Dave Swegen wrote:

> I have just started learning perl,

Good, now go learn Python (uuauauau.. flame away;-)

> and I thought it might be interesting to write some form of system
> configuration tool using CGI. So I was wondering if

> a) there are any such projects going on in debian, 

There are numerous things like this out there.  I think both linuxconf
and COAS have web based modules.. (note that COAS uses Python:-)

> b) if not would it be a good idea, and

It would indeed be a good idea:-> Take a look at linuxconf and coas,
see what you think, look at what work has been done already, for
Debian - I think both are based on some kind of module system, so you
could probably work on that.

> c) does anyone have any suggestions for something to configure
> (preferably something small and simple ;)

Somebody got a hatchet and is looking for things to chop?;-)))

Hmmmm - if you just want to do something for fun, maybe the 'mutt'
mail program.  It doesn't have a super complicated config file...

Have fun:->
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