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Re: Bug#28850: List of packages that link gettext statically

At 09:24 -0500 1999-02-17, Daniel Martin wrote:
Martin Schulze <joey@finlandia.Infodrom.North.DE> writes:
shellutils was not part of the list Richard provided.

More to the point, /bin/su links against gettext dynamically:
cush:/mirror/JX-1.1.19/ACE/ACE_wrappers/ace$ nm -D /bin/su | grep bind
        U bindtextdomain

That's exactly why it doesn't appear in the list, because it uses the gettext in libc and is therefore safe.

Therefore, if the shared-library version of gettext is cleansed of
(these) buffer overflows, /bin/su will be as well.

That'd be libc, which has been fixed for months.
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