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RE: ThinkPad 770

> From: EXT Adam Di Carlo :
> > On a separate message I can send you the .config file I used to
> > build that kernel.  What I don't know is if this solution can solve
> > also the tecra problem or not.
> That would be great.

I posted it to the list (debian-boot). 
If you didn't get it just ask, I can bounce the message.

> It would help me to also get a copy of kernel-images .deb and
> pcmcia-module .debs.  Could you put that up at
> ftp://ftp.icenet.fi/private/fpolacco/debian/ ?

Done. The two .deb are there now.

As you can notice the names are not so ... right (I didn't thought 
I had to post that packages, so I didn't care about names or the rest).

Maybe someone more used to packaging kernels (Xu?) can clean them up 
and make an official package.
In fact, I don't think that providing disk images is enough; we need 
to supply a "TP" version of all (most?) of the kernel images.
Few days ago I hit the problem that an upgrade upgraded also the 
kernel image, overwriting the TP image installed by the rescue disk. 
I don't know what is the system used to tell dpkg what package 
installed the kernel when it was really installed by the rescue.
After the upgrade the boot hang as usual, and I recovered booting 
from the rescue, mounting all my partitions (I have several, and after 
each mount the option falls deeper down in the list :-) and reinstalled 
kernel and modules. You always need also the modules if you have (like me) 
the network via PCMCIA (I used only the two disks, the base came from the
Then I removed all the kernel-image packages that resulted installed 
(there was more than one, maybe due to my previous attempts) and 
installed the TP debs.

It would be great if we could have only two lines of "kernels" (both 
boot floppies and kernel images), one for desktops and one for laptops.
About this I would suggest to create a debian-laptop mailing list 
where people with different kind of laptops can test these workarounds 
for some particular problem, to make possible to have "general" solutions 
instead than lots of peculiarities.

What debian-devel thinks about this idea?


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