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Re: [oss-newsfeed-owner@egroups.com: Posting sent to the moderator for approval]


On Mon, 15 Feb 1999, Alexander Koch wrote:

> On Sun, 14 February 1999 22:15:40 -0800, Joseph Carter wrote:
> > WTF is this and why am I getting these for messages I've written to
> > -devel?
> Some stupid idiot has (so it seems) subscribed his egrous list to
> debian-devel and this list is moderated or something. Besides, it
> is replying to From: and not Sender: and it ignores Precedence:
> headers. *argh*
> Fsck'em. Make it a hurting experience for them doing that...
> [snip]
> Is there egroups.com anywhere in the subscriber list of
> debian-devel? Or is the guilty one reading this, accidently?

Actually, I'm one of the editor-type peoples. Don't you all feel so happy.
I honestly dunno how many other members of the team are reading this
right now, but I did CC it to everyone. 

Anyways, I think the best plan of action is to unsub the oss-newsfeed list
from debian-devel, and I'll pass on any messages of relevance to the list.
As to egroups.com's ignorance of Sender and Precedence headers, I can't
offer any explanation. I have no idea just how egroups works, beyond it's
a free mailing list place. ;P 

Anyways, sound good to all? Comments and such always welcomed. :)

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