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Re: It's Time to Release

Brian White writes:
>For the next 7 days, now installs will be greatly restricted.  If it
>doesn't fix a critical or grave bug, it doesn't go in.  If it does
>anything _but_ fix a critical or grave bug, it may be rejected anyway.
>Fixes to important bugs <33000 will be considered for installation,
>but not any later ones.
>Come Monday, February 22nd, all uploads will be locked out except for
>extreme necessity.  This will give several days for other achitectures
>to catch up to installs from the week before.  Non necessary packages
>with critical, grave, or important (<33000) bugs against them will be

All seems reasonable, yes.

>Stabalize Slink on Friday (Thursday night?), February 26th at 00:00 GMT.
>CD builders can then make their images over the coming weekend.  No further
>changes to Slink will be allowed.

OK, cool. If we can get all the boot floppies sorted for then, I'll
happily get those images building myself on www.uk.debian.org, the machine
that used to be cdimage.debian.org. Phil Hands sais he's happy for this to
happen, but there are bandwidth problems in advertising this machine to
all and sundry. We don't want a /. effect here... Mirrors, anyone? There
will be four images per arch, so a full mirror will need approx. 12GB of
disk for the arches sparc,i386,m68k,alpha. And we need those mirrors to be
ready to go at release time, of course.

>Official release Debian v2.1 on Tuesday (Monday night?), March 2nd at
>00:00 GMT.

Can we push it forward a day, to make it Monday 1st March? It seems, well,
rounder... :-)

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