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Re: New imlib packages -- please test

On Sun, 14 Feb 1999, Jules Bean wrote:

> Hmm..
> a) Why did you need to force?  It seems to depend on 1.1.15-1 anyhow?
I had to force because it depends from 1.1.13-dev if I remember right,
but this is not installed because it conflicts with 1.1.15-dev which
is installed on my system...
> b) If you did force a different version, then I would expect to see a
> segfault.  You can't link binaries against different versions to the ones
> they think they're linked to.
The problem is not so hard, because it depends from gtk-config if I'm not
completely wrong.  There are no segfaults.  ImLib just refuses to load
any image, which is a hint to a wrong loading routine which definitely
does not use any GTK+ related stuff.  So the --force-depends option
hasn't any relation to the problem.

> I have proposed a solution.  If there are no objections by Tuesday or so,
> I'll implement it.
I'm looking foreward to a real solution and hope that your suggestion
leads to it.  I don't know enough to evaluate your solution but if noone
of the gurus insist I hhope it will be OK.  Thanks for your work on
this topic.

Kind regards


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