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Re: Modem question

In article <cistron.19990210133108.A555@gmx.net>,
Michael Meskes  <meskes@debian.org> wrote:
>I'm sitting behind a telephone system that requires me to dial a 0 just to
>get a normal dialtone. Thus ppp refuses to work. I tried removing the ABORT
>NO DIALTONE line in the setup but that doesn't work either. It seems
>pppconfig doesn't handle or ask for this at all.
>Could anyone please tell me how to configure this setup?

Use the following dial string:


This sets the modem to X1 (ignore dialtone) 0, (dial 0 and wait 1 sec)
and then ;X4D NUMBER (command mode X4 - check dialtone D NUMBER - dial)

Good luck

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