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Re: Release Notes

     On Sun, 7 Feb 1999,Chris Lawrence wrote:

> 1. upgrade-ARCH doesn't exist for ARCH in [m68k, alpha], since they
>    never had pre-2.0 releases (and alpha didn't have a 2.0 release; I
>    guess this means the release notes really don't apply on alpha).

     I have advised the CD group that the upgrade-i386 directory
should only appear on the i386 CD.
> 2. Changing all references to (binary|disks|upgrade)-i386 to -ARCH and
>    saying for people to use their architecture instead of ARCH where
>    they see it would be nice.
     Good Idea!  I will incorporate this in the next version of the

> I plan to include your release notes along with a m68k-specific README
> on the quasi-official (or maybe completely-official... who decides
> these things?) m68k CD set I'm working on.

     There is a CD mailing list - debian-cd@lists.debian.org.  I
suspect a consensus on this list determines the "Official CD".  If this
isn't the case. someone on that list should be able to answer that

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