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Re: RFC: new network config (was: Re: network configuration)

On Mon, Feb 08, 1999 at 01:21:47AM +0100, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Enrique Zanardi wrote:
> > Currently (boot-floppies_2.1.6) the rescue floppy doesn't have sed, awk,
> > or sed (no space left)
> Did you see that Travellers' Linux managed to shrink sed to 25Kb? That
> might help you.

a 25Kb sed may be a good replacement for the cat and stripped-down
dd (IIRC, it doesn't do any more than cat) which are already on
boot-floppies. except for argument parsing, sed can do everything that
they do and more.

or if there's room, it would be good to have sed in addition to those

(it would also be neat to have a good sh with command line history and
editing, but there is probably no way that that can fit on the floppy)

> We might also get away with only doing a minimal setup in the
> boot-floppies and do the full-fledged network setup after the initial
> reboot when we have the whole base-system available..

the network configuration has to be done before that to cater for people
(like me) who install from a local debian mirror rather than CD-ROM or


craig sanders

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