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Re: more language support

Enrique Zanardi <ezanardi@ull.es> writes:

> > But the Red Hat installation floppies do that.  14 languages are
> > supported in 5.2, without different disks for different languages.
> IIRC, RH uses two floppies, in the first one they have a small kernel and
> the hardware detection tool, in the second one they have the installation
> system and the languages. We have a huge kernel and the installation
> system on the first floppy. If you think you can stuff 14 languages in
> there, please, show me how. :-)

No.  You should study the RH floppies more.  The prefered language is
selected in the first floppy.  The tranlated messages are splitted
into 3 pieces.  The first goes to the first floppy, the second to the
second floppy, the other to the CDROM or FTP archive.

Hmm..  I wonder why we should retain the current boot-floppies
structure (rescue -> base system -> dselect).  

(NINE floppies.  NINE floppies are required to install slink.  When I
installed 1.1, six floppies were required.  How many in potato?)

Changwoo Ryu

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