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RE: more language support

On 06-Feb-99 Hartmut Koptein wrote:
> Hi,
> we need much more language support for potato! This begins at the
> boot-floppies
> and ends by the debian/control.<language> for each package. 
> The debian boot-floppies have now generic language support, but it isn't
> currently
> possible to select the language from start-up. I prefer this method and not
> the one
> to create boot-floppies for every language. If this doesn't fit on the
> floppies this
> should then go to the cdrom.

Space is too limited on the floppy I am sure.

> The description for every package should look-up - for every supported
> language - in
> dselect (and dpkg -s xxxx, ....) and other debian-admin tools.
> We have enough people for doing this (for 'de / german' more then 5). 

How much can locale help here?

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