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Re: RFC: new network config (was: Re: network configuration)

[Christian, I added debian-devel back into the headers; hope this is ok]

On Sun, Feb 07, 1999 at 01:49:00AM +0000, Christian Hammers wrote:
> But you mentioned the Packet Radio interfaces: Need they a specific binary
> (of /usr/sbin) to get loaded like in e.g. ifconfig ?
> I ask because I am one of those who prefer the one-line way and there we
> could write a line that resembles the "configuring by hand" way i.e.
> /usr/sbin/hamcfg sm0 ip= .... up

Standard ifconfig is used to set up networking parameters, but there
are other tools needed to set up other aspects of the interface. For example
when I bring up the soundmodem, sm0, I must run a program from
the ax25-utils package called sethdlc to tell the device the address of
my sound card and what modem I want it to be. eg

	sethdlc -i sm0 -p mode sbc:afsk1200 io 0x220 irq 5 dma 1 serio 0x2f8

This says I want to do 1200 bps AFSK on the soundblaster at io 220, irq 5,
dma 1, and that I want to key the radio using the serial port at 0x2f8. So
I have to run

	setserial /dev/ttyS1 uart none

as well. I also have to set up the volume levels on the device as in

	smmixer s=line
	smmixer i=-10

Then I can configure it with

	ifconfig sm0 hw ax25 VK3TYD up

So some sort of pre-up script would be a handy thing too. I also like to
have the sound driver installed at other times, so I could use the pre-up
script to remove it. A post-down script could also help, to re-configure
the serial port and put the sound driver back in.

It is possible to set most of the options to sethdlc when inserting
the module (and therefore in conf.modules) but it isn't the standard
way to do it; I've never done it that way. I have a script to start it all
up anyway due to the number of steps involved.

I wonder if some sort of interface-dependencies system would be going too
far :-) AX25 has some higher levels protocols called NET/ROM and ROSE
which have their own interfaces -- typically nr0 and rs0 I think. But
the traffic actually comes out on a lower level radio device, like
sm0 for a soundmodem, bc0 for a baycom-modem, ax0 for an SCC card etc.

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