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Re: GUI Package maker idea...

"matthew.r.pavlovich.1" <mpav@purdue.edu> writes:

> we need a GUI package maker.  ie you point to the source tar-ball and
> input the info .. press dpkginate and fwemp... .a deb pkg.. this way they
> can make deb's of snapshots .. ie gnome etc..

I've thought about this as well.  It would be useful for simple
packages.  A graphical debmake/dh-make tool, where you could edit the
control file, copyright file, etc. would be sort of neat.

However, it would be a difficult job to build a tool that could be
used in the general case.  Most packages have unique packaging
requirements - it would be difficult to generate their packaging via a

I'm pretty sure most Debian developers would be opposed to a tool that
required a GUI interface in order to maintain the packaging after the
initial creation of the package.


 - Jim

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