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Re: RFC: new network config (was: Re: network configuration)

On 06-Feb-99, Anthony Towns took time to write :
>> > problem for future compatibility with ipv6 then i'll switch to spaces.
>> Erm, but : is a standard for ports! Like
>> http://foo.bar:80/
>> If someone decides to use :'s for IPv6 address seperation then all sorts
>> of nasty stuff breaks.

it's already there !
i mean you write ipv6 addresses like FFFF:65A2:etc....

stay away from colons....
> I got the impression from my introduction to IPv6 that you really weren't
> mean to use IPs very much at all -- clients get dynamically assigned

that's true.

with ipv6, any computer should be able, when plugged in a network, to detect
its ip (while talking with router and such)

just my two cents.

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