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Future DFSG idea: state its goals

This idea may or may not be new, but I didn't see anything like this
in the last draft DFSG I read.  Comments welcomed.

ASSUMPTION: we support Free Software as opposed to closed software,
and have set up the DFSG, because of technical reasons we find

OBSERVATION: many people (still ;) use a closed development model.

INFERENCE: some people may not see the technical reasons behind the
Free Software movement, and may just see us as dreamers, who had luck
till now because the "big ones" kindly let us play, but now that we're
starting to be able to compete with us, they won't let us go on much

IDEA: we could, just as we publish a set of guidelines, publish the
technical reasons that led to each of these points, ie, the goals we
want to achieve by publishing (and now modifying) the DFSG.
 This document would be heavily cross-linked with the DFSG, to help
understanding each of the DFSG points (DFSG->goals), and easily see
the _choices_we_made_ (deliberately emphasized) to serve those goals


* That would help to convince people that our development model is a
Good Thing(tm)

* That could help us to setup the new guidelines (although I can see
you've all already done a great job at this)

* That could help us to setup some Debian Free
{Contents,Documentation} guidelines, by formally looking at what goals
are to be modified/added/suppressed, and what implication this has.

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