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     The file "Release-Notes" has been installed in the ftp archive in
../slink/main/.  It is also available at www.debian.org/~hilliard.

     AFAIK, the Release-Notes are _not_ i386-centric, and should
appear on the CDs for all ports, unless the developers involved with
one of the other ports wish to prepare separate Release_Notes for that

     I invite comments and suggested changes and additions.  I will
try to incorporate any constructive comments/changes into the file
before release. 

     Branden, I have incorporated your "The Great X Reorganization"
of 1/22/99 in the Release-Notes verbatim.  If you would like to update
the Great X Reorganization, please send me a revised copy.

  |_)  _  |_       Robert D. Hilliard    <hilliard@flinet.com>
  |_) (_) |_)      Palm City, FL  USA    PGP Key ID: A8E40EB9

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