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Intent to package: rarpd and libnet-dev

rarpd is a program which *BSD has had since the year dot, but which is new
to Linux.  This version is by Derrick Brashear, and is under the CMU
copyright - which I just brought up on debian-legal, and we hold the view
that it is irritatingly phrased, but DFSG-free. (For a copy, go install
snmp ;)

libnet is a library which abstracts low-level network APIs, making
low-level network programming simple. libnet is under the BSD with
advertising clause removed license.

Currently libnet is only a static library, so I will produce only a
libnet-dev package.  When it becomes a dynamic library, I will produce a
libnet0 package as well.

rarpd will greatly enhance our ability to netboot our SUN-based machines
(-sparc, and the -m68k ones if we support those).  Therefore it would be
nice to have it in slink, although not essential.  If not in slink, would
it be OK for the install notes to mention it anyway? 

They are both already locally packaged, although not yet lintian free.


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