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Splitting client-server packages

When I upgraded ssh recently I was very annoyed to notice that the package
merrily popped all the symlinks I had removed from /etc/rc?.d and
/etc/init.d that start sshd back in again, and the thought of having to go
through and delete them all again really made me miffed. Since the only
reason I have the ssh package in is because of being a debian devver, I
thought it might be a good idea if packages such as this were split up into
two parts - client and server.

Just another hare-brained idea from the person who bought you, errm, not
very much at all :)


         Dave Swegen           | Debian 2.0 on Linux i386 2.1.125
<dave@recursive.prestel.co.uk> | PGP key available on request
      <dsw@debian.org>         | Linux: The Choice of a GNU Generation

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