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Re: Web Space

On Tue, 2 Feb 1999, David Starner wrote:

 : The local Linux users group has just got a large hard drive donated from
 : Oklahoma State University. It looks like we will have about 2 GB to
 : mirror something. What part of Debian could we reliably get in 2 GB? Or
 : is there any suggestions as to better uses of the space? (One member
 : suggested becoming a kernel mirror, for example.)

2 gigs isn't what it used to be :)

Linux kernel:

nnorman@pavlov:/home/ftp/pub/mirrors $ du -s kernel/ 
4365235 kernel
nnorman@pavlov:/var/www/mirror $ calc 4365235/1024^2


nnorman@pavlov:/home/ftp/pub/mirrors $ du -s debian/
13269328        debian

I do still have bo mirrored ... and CD images in that dir.  Let's see
how big those are ...

nnorman@pavlov:/home/ftp/pub/mirrors $ du -s debian/Archive/
1160432 debian/Archive
nnorman@pavlov:/home/ftp/pub/mirrors $ du -s debian/OfficialCD/
4032548 debian/OfficialCD
nnorman@pavlov:/home/ftp/pub/mirrors $ calc \(13269328 -1160432 - \

Looks like Debian takes up 7.7 gigs!

On the other hand, the GNU archives aren't too bad:

nnorman@pavlov:/home/ftp/pub/mirrors $ du -s gnu/
1417811 gnu
nnorman@pavlov:/home/ftp/pub/mirrors $ calc 1417811/1024^2       

The Debian website (I still mirror off Crosslink so this is almost
certainly out of date):

nnorman@pavlov:/var/www/mirror $ du -s *
77368   debian.org
902780  debian.org-local
nnorman@pavlov:/var/www/mirror $ calc \(77368+902780\)/1024^2

Not quite a gig ...

Hope that helps!!

Nathan Norman
MidcoNet  410 South Phillips Avenue  Sioux Falls, SD
mailto:finn@midco.net           http://www.midco.net
finger finn@home.midco.net for PGP Key: (0xA33B86E9)

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