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Intent to package transcriber


Transcriber is a GPLled tool for people tat want to record speech
databases for speech technology applications (speech recognition and
such).  Reason for packaging it for Debian, is 
 - it cooperates with a few other free packages, so installation from
   source is not trivial
 - it might persuade some people in the speech technology area to
   switch to Debian. 
 - the other packages might at some stage be packaged separately, as
   they are useful anyway (for speech researchers, that is). 

Description: Transcribe speech data using an integrated editor.
 Transcriber is a Tcl/tk tool, that enables easy transcription of speech
 signals.  It is probably only useful if you are active in the field 
 of speech research.  
 This version has integrated sox and NIST/sphere libraries for wide audio
 format support, and also integrated snack-1.2 libraries for sound i/o
 visualization.  In the future, these may be packaged separately. 

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