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Re: How do we debug dselect/apt?

On Tue, 2 Feb 1999, Oscar Levi wrote:

> > > Remember we are testing the automatic setup procedures.  I'm not
> > > playing dumb here.  It appears we need to log the progress of
> > > dselect/apt when it is running from the setup script.
> > 
> > What automatic setup procedure? 
> Have you never installed a Debian system from scratch?  When the
> machine reboots after base is copied to / and configured, the system
> asks for a root password and then lets the user perform an initial
> install from their favorite medium, CDROM, ftp, whatever.  In terms of
> testing, it is very helpful to have log files available to audit
> problems when we don't expect them.  In order to use your method, I
> need to reinstall the machine from base again.

And how else do you intend to retest the installation other than by
re-installing everything from scratch? I have done lots and lots of debian
installs, and the procedure is simple enough, you go through the
selections menu and make your choices, run dselect and do an update with
APT and then select again, then you'd normally run [I]nstall. Instead of
running [I]nstall you run apt-get dselect-upgrade by hand from the command
line through script. This will capture everything as though it had been
run from dselect.

If you ment this should be an automatic for every install then that
isn't going to happen for slink.


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