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Re: XFree86 at master.debian.org/~branden/xfree86

On Mon, 1 Feb 1999 A.J.Gray@durham.ac.uk wrote:

> On Fri, Jan 29, 1999 at 02:58:45PM +0100, Santiago Vila wrote:
> > Branden Robinson:
> > > I don't know yet exactly how the new font and static library packages
> > > will be handled.  I want to build developer consensus on a solution.
> > 
> > I have one possible solution here:
> <snip - the message, that is - I won't comment on the solution...>
> Not a solution, but an observation as a fairly ordinary user who recently
> upgraded hamm->slink, using dselect/apt.  The name change didn't cause any
> problems ONCE I had worked out what was going on.  As far as I am concerned, a
> good release note (perhaps mentioned in an xbase-postinst) and BIG warnings in
> the Description fields for the xfonts- packages would have been sufficient to
> make the upgrade perfectly smooth in practice.  Not technically perfect,
> perhaps, but enough to keep this dumb user happy!

You would not say that if you had to upgrade 20 computers at once, as I

Debian is well known because it may be upgraded *easily*.

The point is: There should not be "release notes" at all, they should not
be needed. The upgrade should be smooth *without* any manual handling.

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