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Re: Neat gtk/gdk-imlib pain


>>>>> Jason Gunthorpe writes:

 JG> On 1 Feb 1999, Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:

 JP> It's just a variation on the bumping the soname idea.
 >>  I'm now convinced that the problem can't be solved without
 >> changing ld.so.  I have some ideas about how this could be
 >> done... I'll do some experimentation, then chat with the glibc
 >> folks (who tend to be pretty anal about elegance, so if we come up
 >> with a solution that works, it'll be as elegant as it can be).

 JG> I hate to say it, but wouldn't a ld.so solution put us right back
 JG> to the 'rpath is bad' thread

Not if all the libraries that provide a given soname appear in the
same directory.

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