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RE: Serious Debian website problems

On 02-Feb-99 John Goerzen wrote:
> OK, I've written on both of these topics before, and nothing has happened
> for months, so I'm writing here.
> First, Debian's list archives will most likely die a horrible death on
> January 1, 2000.  That's right, folks; lists-archives is not year-2000
> compliant.  Not only will dates in indexes appear wrong, but after some
> testing yesterday, I believe the whole thing will blow up.  I have fixed my
> private lists-archives to have such compliance (I've also fixed a lot of
> other bugs in it), but nobody has been interested in the patches, so...
> Secondly, whenever you search for something in the mailinglist archives on
> www.debian.org, you get back a page of results.  Click on any result, and
> you get a 404 error.  This has been broken for literally months; I reported
> it a long time back, have prodded people since then, and nothing has been
> done.

This and other issues dealing with the mailing list archives are being
addressed.  There's been recent messages on -www about there (where most of the
web related stuff is discussed).   We're looking at a few systems that would

1) reduce the number and/or size of files to make mirroring easier
2) make indices of -devel and -user (and others) easier to handle
3) not have a problem with mime encoded pgp signed messages from wichert ;)

It will not (hopefully) take into the year 2000.  In the meantime...

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