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Serious Debian website problems

OK, I've written on both of these topics before, and nothing has happened
for months, so I'm writing here.

First, Debian's list archives will most likely die a horrible death on
January 1, 2000.  That's right, folks; lists-archives is not year-2000
compliant.  Not only will dates in indexes appear wrong, but after some
testing yesterday, I believe the whole thing will blow up.  I have fixed my
private lists-archives to have such compliance (I've also fixed a lot of
other bugs in it), but nobody has been interested in the patches, so...

Secondly, whenever you search for something in the mailinglist archives on
www.debian.org, you get back a page of results.  Click on any result, and
you get a 404 error.  This has been broken for literally months; I reported
it a long time back, have prodded people since then, and nothing has been

Can somebody with the power please fix this?

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