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Re: Neat gtk/gdk-imlib pain

Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@ualberta.ca> writes:

> On 1 Feb 1999, Jim Pick wrote:
> > > I somehow sense that slink/potato gtk/gnome is going to be painfull..
> > 
> > I agree.  I'm only planning to support Gnome 0.99.x/1.0 on potato.
> Oh, I was just reminded of this on the dpkg list.. The gtk (gdk? I forget)
> library packages have been internationalized but the messages directory
> they use does not include the soname of the library! Thus it is impossible
> to have two properly installed version of the libraries with different
> sonames, this is an upstream bug of course, but it is kind of serious.

Ewww.  I see:

fleming:/usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES$ ls
WindowMaker.mo     kasteroids.mo   kedit.mo         kmines.mo      kstart.mo
ark.mo             kbiff.mo        kfax.mo          kmix.mo        ksysv.mo
clisp.mo           kblackbox.mo    kfind.mo         knotes.mo      ktalkd.mo
control-center.mo  kcalc.mo        kfinger.mo       knu.mo         ktetris.mo
ee.mo              kcmbell.mo      kfloppy.mo       konsole.mo     kuser.mo
enscript.mo        kcmdisplay.mo   kfm.mo           korganizer.mo  kview.mo
fileutils.mo       kcminfo.mo      kfontmanager.mo  korn.mo        kvt.mo
freetype.mo        kcminput.mo     kfract.mo        kpaint.mo      kwm.mo
gettext.mo         kcmkfm.mo       kghostview.mo    kpanel.mo      libc.mo
glade.mo           kcmkpanel.mo    khexdit.mo       kpat.mo        libgtop.mo
gnome-core.mo      kcmktalkd.mo    kiconedit.mo     kpm.mo         man-db.mo
gnome-games.mo     kcmkwm.mo       kikbd.mo         kpoker.mo      mutt.mo
gnome-libs.mo      kcmlocale.mo    kjots.mo         kppp.mo        rpm.mo
gnome-media.mo     kcmsamba.mo     klipper.mo       kreversi.mo    sh-utils.mo
gnome-utils.mo     kcmsample.mo    kljettool.mo     krn.mo         sharutils.mo
gnumeric.mo        kcmsyssound.mo  klock.mo         krootwm.mo     tar.mo
gnupg.mo           kcontrol.mo     klpq.mo          ksame.mo       tcsh
grep.mo            kdat.mo         klyx.mo          kscd.mo        textutils.mo
gtk+.mo            kde.mo          kmahjongg.mo     kshisen.mo     wget.mo
kab.mo             kdehelp.mo      kmail.mo         ksirc.mo       yp-tools.mo
kabalone.mo        kdm.mo          kmedia.mo        ksmiletris.mo
karchie.mo         kdmconfig.mo    kmenuedit.mo     ksnake.mo
karm.mo            kdvi.mo         kmid.mo          ksnapshot.mo

It looks like nobody is using SONAMEs.  On my system, I see this affecting:


They should be splitting the locale files into library and non-library
parts as well.

I'll have to raise that upstream.  I don't know much about gettext though.


 - Jim

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