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Re: Neat gtk/gdk-imlib pain

On 1 Feb 1999, Jim Pick wrote:

> > And note that it links to libglib twice. Turns out this is because there
> > is two 'gdk-imlib1' packages with the same soname but linked against
> > different versions of glib! By my count we have 72 different package that
> > depend on gdk-imlib1..
> I made the same mistable on my first cut of the Gnome packages.  It's important that
> the higher level dependencies (ie. Gnome, WindowMaker, Enlightenment) use the exact
> same libraries when building as the libraries they depend upon (ie. imlib, gtk, glib,
> libjpeg, giflib, libtiff, etc.).

Ah but the problem is much more insideous than that! This wmaker-conf was
from slink, it was never linked against any of these new libraries. The
problem lies in the library interdependencies.

libgdk-imlib1 in slink did not seem to depend on any glib, in potato it
depends on a new and incompatible glib from potato BUT the soname was not
changed. So the instant you install this new libgdk-imlib1 ~40 apps from
slink silently stop working!

> Does anybody have an idea about how to devise a lintian check for this
> problem?  I can think of some crude solutions, but nothing really clean.

Lintian will not help this, the damage has already be done - the best you
can do is change gdk-imlib1 to gdk-imlib1.1 and recompile all your new
packages and be vigilant to never do this again.

Oh, the other alternative would be to make gdk-imlib1 in potato conflict
with the old gdk that it used to use. That might solve this particular


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