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Re: Debian's -rpath policy [was: What hack in ld.so?]

On 1 Feb 1999, Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:

> In short, we have only three choices, regardless of what happens in
> libtool:
> 1) Implement Red Hat's ugly patch in our libc5 ld.so, and thereby be
>    bugwards compatible with everybody else's Linux.

> 2) Find some other way to make -rpath on Debian work for the common
>    cases (programs built by libtool included in this category).

I really see no choice, if RH has patched their ld.so we simply must or
risk being totally incompatible with a huge chunk of binaries. So we need
to do one of the above, the most sensible is to steal RH's patch so that
we are compatible.


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