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Re: Proposal for new architecture support/distribution

"Phillip R. Jaenke" <prj@nls.net> writes:

> A bit of history first, as it is somewhat important. For those of you who
> don't know; Linux runs on PowerPC's. Yes. It does. Now, what big names do
> we know that have PowerPC based systems? Let's see. Apple. Amiga. UMax.
> IBM RS/6000 (RISC System series-6000 for the unacquainted ones). 
> Now, which one doesn't fit the semi-standard mold? That's right; the IBM
> RS/6000. There's also a great deal of diversity among the RS/6000 line.
> Processors used in the RS/6000 line are the Power2, PowerPC 603, PowerPC
> 603e, PowerPC 604, PowerPC 604e, PowerPC RS64 II, and the PowerPC with X5.
> Currently, only the PowerPC 603e, 604, and 604e's are supported by Linux.

> So, I propose Debian/RS/6000. A distribution built specifically around and
> for RS/6000's. Anyone who's dealt with AIX knows that it can be more
> trouble than it's worth at times. 

Wouldn't that make more sense as a subarchitecture of the PowerPC
port.  I gather that the userspace component would be the same.  You'd
just need work on the kernel and installation process.  Or are the
instruction sets somehow incompatible?


 - Jim

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