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Re: jdk1.1 grave bug (Was: List of bugs that *must* be fixed before releasing Slink

On 1999/02/01, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:

> On Monday 1 February 1999, at 10 h 54, the keyboard of 
> dmartin@clifton-labs.com (Dale E. Martin) wrote:
> > java was not found in /usr/lib/jdk1.1/bin/../bin/i686/green_threads/java
> ...
> > The binary is somehow actually missing, and I've not done anything weird as
> > far as I know.  The other folks who are saying is doesn't work have the

> Sam's message indicates that the i686 directory is used. Since the name inclu
> des a ".." could it be a symbolic link problem? Sam, any symlink in /usr/lib/
> jdk1.1/bin? Any chance when deinstalling jdk and reinstalling?
> It works for me (tm):

The binaries disappear if you upgrade from an older version of the JDK.

Previously, they were installed in .../i586/ and i686 was a symlink to that.
Currently, they are installed in .../i686/ and i586 is the symlink. dpkg
does not handle that case very well (i.e., not at all)  Something similar
happened to X as well during the hamm freeze, IIRC.

A purge and reinstall will fix this problem, though.

	- Ruud de Rooij.
Ruud de Rooij

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